Episode 6

RAW: M1 Architecture Vulnerability, 3D Printing Guns, Cloning, and Caffeine

This is a raw episode where we feature some behind-the-scenes outtakes in the audio. Today we're gonna dig into yet another M1 vulnerability, this time related to how macOS is installed when it boots up. We're also going to take a look at 3D Printing Guns (there is a disclaimer before the topic if you would like to skip ahead) and how that's impacting us. After that, we're going to discuss the cloning of a black-footed ferret that was cloned using over 30-year-old DNA and how that may help it avoid extinction! Google this, they're CUTE! Finally, wrapping up our conversation today, you'll get a headache listening to the caffeine talking. Don't listen to it if you love your coffee. Thanks for listening to our new format!

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