Season 2 Introduction - Cricket's Campfire

I have elected to rename the podcast in the effort of expanding my ability to cover more topics. While I have appreciated covering news every day, it recently became a chore and not something I wanted to do. So, I’m going to make a few changes as we both round the corner into Season 2. 

First, the publishing schedule will be bi-weekly or weekly. I will announce it as soon as I know. Second, the entire podcast has undergone a significant facelift. I have migrated hosting to a different host which allows me to expand our reach to some channels I was neglecting.

As I get into Season 2, here’s what I will strive to deliver.

* Content that is:     * unique and enjoyable to listen to     * related to a wide variety of topics     * a narrative or fictional story     * News and other information that we find interesting     * STEM based topics and interviews     * More to come, with hopes of creating games!

While I recognize this is a shift in my publishing schedule, this will allow me to produce a wide variety of content that can be enjoyed and related to on a much greater scale.

My hope is to make folks laugh, happy, or have enjoyable stories to relate to when talking to friends. My passion is learning new things, enjoying people’s company, telling a few jokes, reading a short story (or discussing a novel), programming and more. I want to work on those and share my passions with you. Please, join me on this journey as you and I both discover who I am.

About the Podcast

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Cricket's Campfire
Gather round where we discuss tales from lands far and near, science in simple terms, philosophy, technology, and interview experts in their respective fields! Join our discord and chat:

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Ben Beach

Ben has a wonderful, supportive wife who helps keep him in line. He and his wife have two children who are sometimes full of more energy than any human being is supposed to be full of! Both are boys, 7 and 11. Ben's passion is learning new things, almost all the time! Most of the time he spends his energy interested in technology, science, philosophy, psychology, and more.
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Margot Lewis

Who are you and how did you find me??

Margot is a writer tasked with making sense out of Ben's scripts, and is always pestering him to go faster.
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Mat Petersen

Mathematician / Philosopher with a knack for photography, a hunger for physics and a propensity for the strange.